Do you find yourself often feeling besieged by idiots?

Do you think it’s possible you might be a jerk? It’s a rude question, I know, but not a totally absurd one. After all, we’re surrounded by jerks – if you don’t believe me, glance at the headlines, drive home during rush hour, or check Twitter – so, statistically, it’s entirely plausible that one of them is you. I’m sure you don’t feel like a jerk, of course. But nobody does. Partly that’s because few of us like to believe anything negative about ourselves.

Job Searching during the Holidays

Job Searching during the Holidays Job search during the holidays can add an additional level of stress and to an already stressful time of year. But there is an upside to interviewing during the holiday season. Here's why Job hunting during the holidays, is such a brilliant idea!! With over 20% of job seekers opting out of job searching due … Continue reading Job Searching during the Holidays