Still looking for that one perfect job!

Getting a hiring manager to return your phone message. Far too many jobseekers, use the same phone call etiquette as they would to a friend or family member who knows who they are. Little thought is given to creating a message that will be returned by the employer.

200 Job Application Rejection Letters and Counting

For every 30 job applications I receive one generic rejection and the rest are ignored. My inbox now almost gives me a sympathetic smile and braces for the worst each time I excitedly open an email from a prospective employer. From my endless applications I have only received feedback twice which vaguely informs me that the company loved my personality, but they've selected someone with more experience.

Do you find yourself often feeling besieged by idiots?

Do you think it’s possible you might be a jerk? It’s a rude question, I know, but not a totally absurd one. After all, we’re surrounded by jerks – if you don’t believe me, glance at the headlines, drive home during rush hour, or check Twitter – so, statistically, it’s entirely plausible that one of them is you. I’m sure you don’t feel like a jerk, of course. But nobody does. Partly that’s because few of us like to believe anything negative about ourselves.

Job Searching during the Holidays

Job Searching during the Holidays Job search during the holidays can add an additional level of stress and to an already stressful time of year. But there is an upside to interviewing during the holiday season. Here's why Job hunting during the holidays, is such a brilliant idea!! With over 20% of job seekers opting out of job searching due … Continue reading Job Searching during the Holidays

Using Job Boards Effectively

In theory, nothing could be simpler than applying for a job posting via a job board. Whether you're uploading your resume onto a database so it can be found by recruiters and employers, or applying for a specific vacancy, expect your resume to be "read" by software for relevancy. For this reason, your resume will need to pass the first hurdle of "suitability" – many fail to make the first cut because they're not relevant or targeted enough to the role. The job description is a good place to find relevant keywords, specific skills, qualifications or areas of expertise.